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She refused to attend his inauguration in because she wanted to live a private life at Mt. She lent her name to support a formal effort to enlist women of the colonies to volunteer on behalf of the Continental Army. Martha herself was considerably torn.

Martha Washington

Once to a larger home in New York on Broadway and the second time, in November, to Philadelphia, to await the completion of the new capital on the Potomac River. Born on February 22,Washington had grown up in a modestly prosperous Virginia family who lived on a plantation near Fredericksburg.

The land that joined the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers the area that would become Pittsburgh was highly prized by both nations; [43] the competing stakes led to the French and Indian War —62 as well as the onset of the Seven Years' War — For both Martha and for George, a new era had dawned.

One British engraver even sought to capture her image and sell it to the mass public, creating a picture that looked nothing like her but was labeled " Lady Washington. He sent her home when the fighting got closer.

George, however, felt it was his duty to assume some role of leadership at the urging of some of his fellow patriots. During their life together she bore four children, two of whom died in infancy.

Mount Vernon remained George and Martha's home until their respective deaths, although they spent much time elsewhere during the war and presidential years. She enjoyed riding horses, gardening, sewing, playing the spinet and dancing.

As wife of the first president of the United States, Martha Washington had no examples to follow. Passing on without a will, Martha was left with the duties of running the household, the estate and raising her children. It was all a bit overwhelming for her.

They celebrated George's sixty-seventh birthday with a wedding ceremony. Vernon instead of being with him that winter. Having grown up in a large family, she loved children and hoped to have more. In appreciation, American servicemen addressed her as "Lady Washington.

She read the Bible as well as novels and magazines, and she wrote letters, several of which survive today. She was unable to be with him in his final hours. Washington had been commander of the First Virginia Regiment in the French and Indian War and had been elected a burgess representing Frederick County in She was conscientious about ensuring in every way she could the dignity of him as a symbol and that his reputation was never compromised.

At the age of eighteen, Martha was married to Daniel Parke Custis. Vernon to live with their mother. Historian Joseph Ellis concludes that this "was his only unqualified success" during the French and Indian War. Establishing her public role as hostess in the series of presidential mansions two in New York and one in Philadelphia Martha Washington held formal dinners on Thursdays and public receptions on Fridays.

Her commitment to the welfare of the veterans of the Revolution would remain lifelong. In the spring ofshe arrived at his headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey, but she returned to Mount Vernon for the summer.

In the spring of the following year George Washington, then a young plantation owner and commander of the Virginia forces in the French and Indian Warbegan to court her, and their attachment grew increasingly deep.

The Washingtons had no biological children. He had acquired Mount Vernon by lease from the widow of his half-brother Lawrence in He also was known to play cards, backgammonand billiards.

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He was sent to King's College in New York instead. By August, a severe epidemic of Yellow Fever spread over Philadelphia. He was named president of the convention and before ratification of the new Constitution, he was being urged to accept the role of the President of the United States.

Her father saw that she received a fair education in basic mathematics, reading and writing The former First Lady was not known to have accompanied the former President across the Potomac River to the new federal city being built, even after it began functioning as the official U.

Because her husband had died without a will, she was the executor of his estate.Martha Washington: Martha Washington, American first lady (–97), the wife of George Washington, The White House - Biography of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington; Britannica Websites.

Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was the first First Lady of the United States.

Martha Washington

Washington is not only remembered as the nation’s first lady who set an example for her future first ladies, but also as a wife, mother, and property owner.

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington was born at Chestnut Grove in New Kent County, Virginia, June 2, Her father, John Dandridge (/ — ), emigrated to Virginia from England with his older brother William when John was 13 or 14 years old.

Martha Dandridge Custis married George Washington in Learn more about the many important roles that Martha Washington played throughout her life. Martha Dandridge was born on June 2, to John and Frances Dandridge, a well-to-do planter family situated in New Kent County, Virginia.

She Employees: Martha’s Biography; Teaching Materials The Courtship of Martha Custis and George Washington.

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Within months of meeting, both parties began to plan a future together. Washington began renovating and improving his home at Mount Vernon.

attractive, wealthy widow, Martha Dandridge Custis probably enjoyed more freedom to choose her own. As the wife of George Washington, the first President of the United States, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington is considered to be the first First Lady, but the title was not coined until after.

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A biography of martha dandridge custis washington
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