Ethics case studies for health information management

Guidelines included for each ethical principle are a non-inclusive list of behaviors and situations that can help to clarify the principle. Ethical obligations are central to the professional's responsibility, regardless of the employment site or the method of collection, storage, and security of health information.

They had also begun to play a critical role at their institutions in the administration of federal programs such as Medicare.

Ethics Case Studies for Health Information Management

AHIMA members affect the quality of patient information and patient care at every touchpoint in the healthcare delivery cycle. Contribute time and professional expertise to activities that promote respect for the value, integrity, and competence of the health information management profession.

Speak on behalf of the health information management profession and association, only while serving in the role, accurately representing the official and authorized positions of the association. The minimum necessary standard is essential when releasing health information for disclosure activities.

Be an advocate for the profession in all settings and participate in activities that promote and explain the mission, values, and principles of the profession to the public.

Who We Are

Relinquish association information upon ending appointed or elected responsibilities. Act with integrity, behave in a trustworthy manner, elevate service to others above self-interest, and promote high standards of practice in every setting.

Develop and enhance continually professional expertise, knowledge, and skills including appropriate education, research, training, consultation, and supervision. Engage in any relationships with a patient where there is a risk of exploitation or potential harm to the patient.

Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information, 2nd ed. Ensure all voices are listened to and respected. Evaluate staff's performance in a manner that is fair and respectful when functioning in a supervisory capacity.

Foster trust among group members and adjust behavior in order to establish relationships with teams. When the Association became the American Medical Record Association inmedical record professionals had increased their involvement in hospitals, community health centers, and to other health service facilities outside the hospital.

The health industry continues to evolve, and AHIMA is working to advance the accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of health data by leading key industry initiatives and advocating for consistent standards. They are relevant to all clinical documentation improvement professionals and those who manage the clinical documentation improvement CDI function, regardless of the healthcare setting in which they work, or whether they are AHIMA members or nonmembers.

Disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest. Resources National Association of Social Workers. Guidelines for ethical and unethical behavior are provided in this code. Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in situations supporting health information practice.Leah Grebner, PhD, RHIA, CCS, FAHIMA has more than 25 years of experience in Health Information Management.

AHIMA Code of Ethics

Her background includes inpatient and outpatient acute care, home health, skilled nursing, and medical office work, in addition to professional Leah Grebner. AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals worldwide. Serving 52 affiliated component state associations and more thanhealth information professionals, it is recognized as the leading source of "HIM knowledge," a respected authority for rigorous professional education and training.

Created specifically for students of Health Information Management and Health Information Technology, this worktext helps bridge the gap between knowledge gained through formal instruction and real-world, on-the-job application.

ETHICS CASE STUDIES FOR HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 2 Case 12 Compliance Matters Situational Summary Selena is the director of Health Information for Home Health of Anywhere General Healthcare System (AGHS) and has uncovered that there may be a potential unethical dilemma within the release of information department by an individual that has 67%(9).

In addition to MANAGEMENT OF HEALTH INFORMATION: FUNCTIONS AND APPLICATIONS, 2E, she published Ethics Case Studies for Health Information Management (Cengage Learning) in Read more Product details.

Ethics Case Studies for Health Information Management provides real-world examples to prepare you for the inevitable challenges of the modern office and offers a methodology to interpret the various situations and determine courses of action.

Ethics case studies for health information management
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