Gelede mask

Payment options are check, money-order or PayPal. The meaning of a particular motif, however, depends on the name of the bird, its behavior, and associations in Yoruba rituals and folklore. The ceramics in the collection represent some of the key ancient glazing techniques such as splashed ware, lusterware, slip-painted ware, buffware, monochrome glazed fritware and underglaze painted fritware.

Shows wear and minor bead losses. Finely carved with exquisite detail, the face shows a serene expression. This early Colonial Period example is in excellent condition.

Mahongwe reliquary figures typically have large oval-shaped tapering heads which are covered by brass bands or Gelede mask and are overall highly abstract in style. The face is covered in the white pigment "kaolin".

The material the ikegobos are made out of varies according to rank. Shortly before I was taken I was betrothed to a man from my village, Babatunde.

A fine and old example with earthen encrustations and a few small areas of green oxidation. The Chinese works feature a number of fine ceramic pieces. It is small in size, but retains all the characteristics of the full-sized examples.

Oyeladun - Life before capture

Goldweights have been called "masterpieces in miniature" reflecting artistry in service to commerce. Originally collected in the s. Thus, for the Dogon the hogonor spiritual leader, is not just a simple officiant but a sacred figure.

These works are followed by strong examples of painting and sculpture in the best of the 19th century European academic tradition. An extremely rare and older tribal example. These losses are possibly casting flaws.

Cylindrical form with rolled rim. The symbols of the Portuguese boast of the wealth of the Benin kingdom, and also of their good relations with foreigners and with ancestor spirits, because the Portuguese were thought to come from the world of the dead, as they crossed a body of water and had white skin.

A few vertical age cracks and minor insect damage, else choice. One horn is chipped, but otherwise in fine condition. Drumming and singing, essential features of the performance, accompany the strictly choreographed dance. Both pieces have edge chipping, scrapes and surface wear consistent with age.

No cracks, breaks or repairs. During the performance, each pair of dancers comes forward in turn and moves in intricate dance steps towards the drum rhythm.

Certainly not a tourist piece.Gelede masks are composed of two parts: the head and the superstructure. The head is the abstracted and idealized feminine face. Its expression is serene, demonstrating the timelessness of the spirit world. Find great deals on eBay for gelede mask. Shop with confidence.

Item shown is a African tribal mask made out of wood and is about 5' in length. I would say is in fair shape and unsure how old. African religions, religious beliefs and practices of the peoples of should be noted that any attempt to generalize about the nature of “African religions” risks wrongly implying that there is homogeneity among all African fact, Africa is a vast continent encompassing both geographic variation and tremendous cultural diversity.

Olodumare (Yoruba: O-lo-dù-ma-rè) also known as Olorun (Almighty) is the name given to one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon and one and only god the Yoruba believe in.

African Art Museum

Olodumare is the Supreme Creator. The Yoruba believe he is responsible for the creation of all life, so they owe their existence to him. They also believe he is Omnipresent. Igbo family compound.

The Power of Women in West Africa: Queen Mothers

Visitors enter the 'Life in West Africa' section of the museum through a decorative portal befitting a titled Igbo elder to face one of the highlights of this gallery - the recreation of part of an Igbo family compound.

Gelede mask
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