Paper shredding event

Let us solve your document shredding problem. It is one of the easiest ways to ensure the private information held on paper files is kept secure. Keep track of time: Staples and small paper clips are okay, remove large clips and binders. How to Advertise Your Shredding Event The more people know about your community shredding event the more successful it will be and that means advertising.

Limit of 4 boxes per person. Cincinnati Paper Shredding E 5th St. The on-site shredding and recycling services are provided by Midway Moving.

Get competitive bids for shredding in just a few minutes from the best in the business. Give everyone your cell phone number — this includes the shredding company — so they can reach you if needed on event Paper shredding event. If there are no shred events in your area, consider hosting one yourself.

Most events allow you to bring one or two bankers boxes full of Paper shredding event. Call to ensure that you have proper permits and insurance forms for a shredding event. Confidential documents Any paper that has personal information on it is considered a confidential document.

Businesses can contact Midway to order separate service. Finalists will have their videos shown at a public awards ceremony in April and all submissions may be shown on local cable channels.

We send one of our mobile shredding trucks out to your location, and participants of the event can watch their materials being securely shredded right before their eyes. For more information about this community event, contact the Palo Alto Media Center at While the main priority of a shred event is to raise awareness on information security and help Cincinnati community members shred their confidential files, many events are fundraisers to help raise money for a local cause.

Keep your cell phone on and charged, in case anyone needs to reach you for event-related questions or emergencies. Shred events are held for a variety of reasons.

Pick a Shredding Service Look for an established company with a good reputation for integrity and customer service. All donations help to fund breast cancer research so that we can one day see a cure for breast cancer. Social media sites and local event sites are a great place to get the word out.

If those directories are just collecting dust, you may want to just say no to yellow. These activities are designed to conserve resources, protect the environment, and bring awareness to environmental issues.

For more information contact www. Non-confidential documents Glossy paper, magazines, books, newspapers, credit and ID cards, and other non-confidential documents are not accepted.

Take confidential documents for shredding or shredded paper for recycling. To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at Post a notice of future events that volunteers can support so that you can further engage them in community service efforts.

Ask your volunteer team to leverage their networks — personal, professional, hobby groups, etc.

Create The Good

Opt for bright-colored T-shirts that are easily identifiable. Individuals and families can fill out the pledge on line and email or mail it back to the Recycling Coordinator.

Community Shred-A-Thons Shredding events are held in local communities and usually are sponsored by local businesses, charities, and nonprofits. What type of service are you looking for?Mobile shredding and material drop-off services availiable.

No appointment is necessary but please call ahead. You may observe the destruction of your documents. Paper will be shredded on-site in the vendor’s mobile shredding vehicle; should the truck reach capacity before the end of the event, paper may be taken off-site for secure shredding at the vendor’s facility.

NSB and Town of Saugus to hold Paper Shredding Event

Free Paper Shredding Event! Is cleaning out your paper files one of your New Years Resolutions? One Senior Place is hosting a FREE paper shredding event! Progressive Document Destruction will be on site to dispose of your personal documents.

You’ll be able to watch your items be shredded on the on-site shredding truck. North Shore Bank Plans Paper Shredding Event To Celebrate Earth Day Peabody, MA ( - North Shore Bank has teamed up with the Town of Saugus to hold a Paper Shredding Event for Saugus residents in support of Earth Day.

Give everyone your cell phone number — this includes the shredding company — so they can reach you if needed on event day. Step 7: Let’s Shred!!! Now it’s time to carry out your shredding event! Here's how: Arrive an hour before the event! Post signs outside the building so everyone can find it.

TITAN Mobile Shredding provides document shredding and hard drive destruction services PA and NJ. Shred Event Calendar. Tips from Your Professional Paper Shredding Company Whether you are part of traditional business that is heavily dependent .

Paper shredding event
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