The tenor sax of herschel evans

Such a beautiful enigma. This song became a standard in the history of jazz and an evolutionary step to the modernization of this musical form. Lester Young takes a solo chorus, beginning on a somewhat dissonant note the sixth degree of the scale and false fingerings--ways of playing the same note with unusual combinations of fingers, thus producing a sense of timbral variation in a repeated-note performance.

He seems to combine vocabulary that is somehow detached but also completely connected at the same time. His parents could tell he loved music at a very young age and encouraged his enthusiasm. So in coming up with a cover-story concept for this June sax issue, I thought about the importance of the tenor and how it functions as a cultural icon for jazz.

They paced themselves to save their hottest numbers for later in the show, to give the audience a chance to warm up. These trio recordings are a perfect example of a healthy Pres in tiptop form, full of grace.

I asked voters to submit ranked lists of five to 10 albums, and used our Year in Review point system to calculate the results. Basie recalled a review, which said something like, "We caught the great Count Basie band which is supposed to be so hot he was going to come in here and set the Roseland on fire.

He stayed with the band until it dispersed in He learned to play the piano and cello first and by the time he was nine, he started playing the saxophone. Lucky taught himself how to read music even before he ever touched a real instrument by carving holes and practicing the fingering techniques on a broom.

His spirit shines through in everything he does, and this recording is awesome. George Hunt, on trombone, takes over smoothly at the beginning of the next chorus. And do we need to mention the impeccable program?

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All the parts interact in call and response. Basie's left hand, firm but sporadic, is backed up by the steady chords of the acoustic guitar, played by Freddie Green. Note how Basie's right hand simulates a melodic feeling by tremolo--a rapid shaking of the notes in the chord that keeps the melodic feeling alive.

These trio recordings are a perfect example of a healthy Pres in tiptop form, full of grace. Late one night with time to fill, the band started improvising. Received an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music in This timbral contrast was a common procedure in Kansas City head arrangements: Basie occasionally lost some key soloists.

His beautiful tone, freedom of movement within the harmony, and sophisticated and thoughtful phrasing really raised the bar. Dance hall bookings were down sharply as swing began to fade, the effects of the musicians' strikes of —44 and began to be felt, and the public's taste grew for singers.

Teddy Wilson, and Lionel Hampton.William James "Count" Basie (August 21, – April 26, and others. Many musicians came to prominence under his direction, including the tenor saxophonists Lester Young and Herschel Evans, the guitarist Freddie Green, Lester Young and Herschel Evans (tenor sax), Freddie Green.

Aug 22,  · No one should have to wait to hear Herschel Evans’s tenor sax. A version of this editorial appears in print on August 22,on Page WK7 of the New York edition with the headline.

- Herschel Evans (tenor sax, counterpoint to Young) - Jones trombone - Clayton (trumpet) - "Hot Lips" Page (trumpet) History of Jazz Midterm - Titles. terms. History of Jazz Midterm 1. 6 terms. Chapter 13 & 14 ~ s Composers & Modality of Davis and Coltrane. Features. Quizlet Live.

Herschel Evans, musician and composer, was born in Denton, Texas, in and spent some of his childhood in Kansas City, Kansas, where his cousin Eddie Durham was a trombonist and guitarist.

Durham persuaded him to switch from alto to tenor sax, the. Nov 08,  · Blue and Sentimental, famous tenor sax solo first recorded by the Count Basie band featuring Herschel Evans.

He was one of the early tenor heroes with the Basie band. In public performances built up as Lester Young's rival, in. Check out Blue And Sentimental (reminiscent of Herschel Evans on tenor and Lester Young on clarinet on the Basie recording of this Basie original) by Larry Vuckovich on Amazon Music.

Herschel Evans

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The tenor sax of herschel evans
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